We produce a wide range of ceramic enamel printed pottery bone china mugs, plates, beer pump handles
custom printed bone china mugs

Ceramic enamel printing and decoration


bone china 


printed bone china plates with your own designs


bone china 


printed beer pump handles for pubs and breweries

beer pump handles with pub & brewery logos

Bone china mugs in a range of shapes and styles for publicity, events, schools and artists which can also have a back stamp logo on the base all using 

ceramic enamels.

Fine bone china plates - two styles - with outer rim or coupe - no rim - for events, anniversaries, schools and colleges 

and artists with space on the back for back stamps or texts and logos.

Special custom printed porcelain 

beer pump handles for pubs & microbreweries

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Fine bone china mugs for publicity & events artists and schools anniversaries

Presentation & anniversary plate decoration on fine bone china

Special custom printed porcelain 

beer pump handles for pubs & microbreweries

Printed white stoneware mugs & bone china for business & advertising promotion, anniversaries & awards

Printed white stoneware mugs & bone china mugs for presentations, 

events & anniversaries for Schools, Colleges & Universities

A range of shapes in white stoneware & bone china

Presenting your artwork

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What we produce . . . . . .

Printed promotional mugs, printed bone china plates, printed bone china mugs for business, events, schools and artists, beer pump handles with logos for pubs and breweries, and many other types of ceramics which are custom printed with ceramic enamel logos and illustrations.

We provide high quality mug and plate printing, porcelain stoneware and bone china mugs with lower print run quantities (usually from 54 pieces, though we can print 36) reasonable prices.

We also print and apply using ceramic gold, and platinum silver as well as manufacturing and printing custom ceramic beer pump handles for breweries, micro breweries and pubs. 

We can also source a wide range of other ceramic items such as plates, teapots and jugs. Click the orange buttons below for quick site navigation or the page menu above and browse the site and explore what we have to offer.

A few extra notes


Smaller order quantities from 54 mugs and sometimes fewer - ideal for the smaller business. Mugs are great for all-year-round advertising & publicity. We can print spot colours and 300dpi 4 colour process and individual names.


We are sometimes able to print on customer’s supplied ceramics. Vitrified ceramics  (meaning high fired, glassy & non water absorbent) such as bone china, porcelain and stoneware are OK to use. Earthenware (which is porous clay body beneath the glaze) is generally not suitable, particularly if it has been around for some time. Over time the porous earthenware clay body absorbs ambient moisture from the air which causes “frizzle” on the glaze surface as it melts and the steam escapes when it is fired to 720˚C in a kiln. 

It is best to have a few samples to test fire for before production.

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(UK) or email (below) and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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Chris Aston Ceramics for all your ceramic printing on plain mugs, bone china mugs, bone china plates for anniversaries, commemorations & promotions, advertising gifts, bone china mugs and plates for schools, colleges & universities. 

Beer handles & clips for pubs, free houses & breweries both micro and macro.


You'd be amazed at the range we produce - prints on mugs, prints on plates, prints on to ceramic beer pump clips and prints on beer pump handles. 

We can also source many other items of pottery and ceramics to print - just let us know

 what you are looking for.

Universities, colleges, academies, and primary schools and artists find our printed mugs particularly effective for anniversaries and commemoration and awards, end-of-term school leavers mugs, 

sports day awards, and fundraising. 

We can print mugs with names or class lists on mugs.

We custom print mugs for clubs of all kind, including for sports events such as running, cycling, mugs for all ball games, swimming and for special interest groups including mugs for car clubs, mugs for motor cycle clubs as well as mugs for caravan clubs.

We print mugs for tourism, souvenirs and retailing, and mugs for visitor centres and promotional mugs for business both large and small quantities.

Bone china and earthenware mugs, stoneware and porcelain mugs can all be printed not only with individual logos on the outside but with a full wraparound design. Any mug can be printed with a back stamp on the base, or with printing on the inside rim and the interior base.

All mugs are printed using spot colours, or full colour photos and artwork, or high resolution full colour printing. We can also print on mugs using 22 ct metallic gold and platinum silver all of which are permanently heat fused to the ceramic glaze, and which, unlike some other mug printing methods, are scratch and abrasion resistant, dishwasher proof and permanently light colour fast. We can print mugs using gold and platinum silver, and also paint gold banding on the tops and edges of mugs and plates.

We also print plates of hotel china quality for restaurants and pubs, and print on bone china plates, all custom printed for anniversaries, commemoration, clubs, and historical events, and plates for 

awards and presentations.

We manufacture ceramic beer pump clips with branded printing as well as printing ceramic beer pump handles with pub or beer brand logos, all for pubs, free house pubs, breweries, and microbreweries.

We also produce a range of colour glazed porcelain beer handles.